Monday, May 30, 2011

Here Is a Post with all the Informational Videos in one place. Good Idea, huh?

This is an additional video explanation of an encounter on North Ogden Pass.

DAve's BigFoot Show Headquarters for 2011, Huntsville BBQ, Co

Dave's BigFoot Show 2011 Main Blog, Click to view main site (graphic artist: Danny Carver, Utah)

This is Wolf Mountain, site of Dave's BigFoot Show and the 5K and 10K Midnight runs.

Weber County Fair 2011 special blog, Click here to view blog

White BigFoot encounter and BigFoot Show information,  Click here to view encounter info

BreakFast With BigFoot at the Huntsville Park, Click here to view that video 1

Dave's BigFoot Show II at Wolf Mountain information, Click here for video 2

BigFoot MidNight Blood Run 5K and 10K at Wolf Mountain, Click here for video 3

 This is a dang scary Wolf Mountain getting dark and brooding waiting to scare you right out of your crap. Bring a friend and bring a good headlamp as you'll need both. This promises to be the most fun run this year in the State of Utah.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This will be the overflow for all new posts 1

Video discussion of The White Bigfoot encounter that was on the North Ogden Divide just east of North Ogden, Utah.  The actual encounter was up the road about 40-50 yards but the road has been altered since then and it doesn't look the same at all. That big mound of dirt when the Bigfoot actually stepped over the side was not there at all. You get the idea. Here is a cool sylized collage of that encounter. This is the being of a whole new method of recreating these encounters. We'll add sound bites and video bites and then put the whole thing on video. This could be very cool. Note: artist work done by Lawrence Cornes in London, England

PS. I love the simplicity of this. The more I look at it the more I like it. Thanks